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Platinum Business Awards 2017 : Background

A Transformation -- Platinum Business Awards

For the past 14 consecutive years, the SME Association of Malaysia has successfully organised the SME Recognition Award (SMERA) since 2002. The Award honours SMEs and individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions in their respective fields. As one of the pioneering awards for SMEs in Malaysia, SMERA has gained pre-eminent status among the SMEs and the business community in Malaysia.

This year, we are embarking on a journey of transformation. We are rebranding SMERA into to the Platinum Business Awards, as part of our initiatives to elevate the reputation and prestige of the Awards to a new horizon.

The Platinum Business Awards feature several new elements. We are taking bold steps to increase the global presence of the Awards by engaging SMEs of ASEAN countries and established foreign enterprises in Malaysia to take part in the Awards. Towards this end, the Awards introduce two new categories, i.e., the ASEAN Enterprise Award and the Outstanding Achievers Award (for non- SMEs & foreign business entities). 

While we are taking these initiatives to go beyond the shores, SMEs will remains as our core. Hence we want to be more inclusive. The Platinum Business Awards proudly presents the new SME Retail Excellence Award and SME Employer Excellence Award. The SME Retail Excellence Award is bestowed on SMEs which achieve outstanding performance in distributive trade, retail or wholesale and services, while the SME Employer Excellence Award is bestowed on SMEs which demonstrate effective and progressive employment practices, including adoption of progressive HR policies.

The theme for Platinum Business Awards 2016 is “Local Expertise, Global Presence”. Our Malaysia SMEs have developed cutting edge expertise that is highly competitive in the global markets. These local champions are putting in relentless efforts to make deeper inroads into global markets. This theme is to honor the extraordinary achievements of these companies and to motivate SMEs to continue reinventing and striving for excellence at global markets.

The Platinum Business Awards epitomize the spirit of entrepreneurship and transformation as the way forward.